Current US Postage Rates 2023: Details USPS Rate with Table

US postal services are still being offered all over the country. Even with the changing technology and mode of communication, U.S. postal services are still functional and are widely used by many people. For instance, sending postcards, letters, and other parcels need the services of a postal service. The shape, weight determines the US postage rates, and mail class of the parcel or letter you’re sending. For clients who buy postage stamps online sometimes get a discount. American postage rates are classified as first-class mail, express mail, priority mail, media mail, special services, sizes of domestic mail, and the mail-order merchandise rule.

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Before the enactment of the postal reorganization act of 1970, postage rates were formerly set by the Postal Regulatory Commission. The first United States postage stamp was issued in 1847. Before this, the letters’ dates, rates, and origin were drafted by hand or, at times, in the combination of a hand stamp device. As for the postage rate, they were brought into use in the year 1847 for mail to or from the pacific coast, and in 1848, mail was sent from a location in the east to another location in the west.

As you prepare to send your letter, it is good if you know what size will be charged at what cost. Not every letter is charged with the normal price of $0.55. Some odd sizes are charged more. The maximum size of your letter should be around 11 ½ inches by 6 1/8 inches. The maximum thickness of a usual envelope is ¼ inches. Therefore, if your letter weighs more than one ounce, its cost will go up. In the situation where your letter is greater than 3.5 ounces, even larger than the maximum size of normal large envelopes, then you will be required to use a large envelope pricing. The largest size that an envelope can be is 15 inches by 11 ½ inches.

To know the different postage rates being offered by USPS, read on and check out the table. The table below shows the current 2023 USPS Postage Rates.

2023 Postage Rates (Updated September 29)

Post Office/Retail Rates
Letters2022 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*2022 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*
First-Class Mail letter (1 oz.)$0.58$0.63$0.53
First-Class Mail letter – each additional ounce$0.20$0.24$0.20
First-Class Mail Flat/Large Envelope (1 oz.)$1.16$1.26$1.16$1.26
First-Class Mail Flat/Large Envelope – each additional ounce$0.20$0.24$0.20$0.24

Post Office/Retail Rates
Flat Rate Envelopes2022 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*2022 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*
Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelope$26.35Same$22.75$23.50
Priority Mail Express Padded Flat Rate Envelope$26.95Same$23.25
Priority Mail Express Legal Flat Rate Envelope$26.50Same$22.95
Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope$7.95$8.05$7.40
Priority Mail Padded Flat Rate Envelope$8.55$8.80$8.0$8.25
Priority Mail Legal Flat Rate Envelope$8.25$7.70$8.05

Post Office/Retail Rates
Packages2020 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*2020 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*
Priority Mail Express (0.5 lb.)$26.35 and up$26.35 and up$22.75 and up$22.75 and up
Priority Mail Express Flat Rate BoxDiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinued
Priority Mail (1 lb.)$7.50 and up$7.70 and up$7.02 and up$7.16 and up
Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box$8.30$8.45$7.65$7.90
Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box$15.05$15.50$13.20$13.75
Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Box$21.10$21.90$18.30$19.30
Priority Mail APO/FPO/DPO Large Flat Rate Box$19.60$20.40$16.80$17.80
Priority Mail Regional Rate Box A$9.98 and up$10.13 and up$7.68 and up$7.83 and up
Priority Mail Regional Rate Box B$10.37 and up$10.53 and up$8.07 and up$8.23 and up
Priority Mail Regional Rate Box CDiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinued
First Class® Package Service (1 oz.)$3.80 and up$4.00 and up$2.74 and up$3.01 and up
Parcel Select Ground® (1 lb.)Not AvailableNot Available$6.92 and up$7.01 and up
Media Mail (1 lb.)$2.80$3.19$2.80$3.19
Retail Ground® (formerly Standard Post® – 1 lb.)$7.50 and up$7.70 and upNot AvailableNot Available
Library Mail (1 lb.)$2.66$2.75Not AvailableNot Available

Post Office/Retail Rates
International2020 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*2020 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*
Global Express Guaranteed (0.5 lb.)$67.80 and up$67.80 and up$64.41 and up$64.41 and up
Priority Mail Express Intl (0.5 lb.)$45.95 and up$45.95 and up$42.85 and up$42.85 and up
Priority Mail Express Intl Flat Rate Box – CanadaDiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinued
Priority Mail Express Intl Flat Rate Box – Other CountriesDiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinuedDiscontinued
Priority Mail Express Intl Flat Rate Envelopes – Canada$45.95 and up$45.95 and up$42.85$42.85
Priority Mail Express Intl Flat Rate Envelopes – Other Countries$61.65 and up$62.95 and up$56.75 and up$57.95 and up
Priority Mail Intl (1 lb.) – Canada$36.35 and up$37.60 and up$34.53 and up$35.71 and up
Priority Mail Intl (1 lb.) – Other Countries$44.50 and up$46.95 and up$42.28 and up$44.60 and up
Priority Mail Intl Flat Rate Envelopes – Canada$26.90$28.50$25.22$27.10
Priority Mail Intl Flat Rate Envelopes – Other Countries$33.75 and up$35.45 and up$32.05 and up$33.70 and up
Priority Mail Intl Small Flat Rate Box – Canada$27.90$29.55$26.50$28.10
Priority Mail Intl Small Flat Rate Box – Other Countries$35.35 and up$37.10 and up$33.60 and up$35.25 and up
Priority Mail Intl Medium Flat Rate Box – Canada$51.55$54.65$48.95$51.90
Priority Mail Intl Medium Flat Rate Box – Other Countries$75.95 and up$79.75 and up$72.15 and up$72.75 and up
Priority Mail Intl Large Flat Rate Box – Canada$67.05$71.05$63.70$67.50
Priority Mail Intl Large Flat Rate Box – Other Countries$99.10 and up$104.05 and up$94.15 and up$98.85 and up
First Class Package Intl Service – Canada (1 lb.)$20.75$21.25$19.71 and up$20.19 and up
First Class Package Intl Service – Mexico (1 lb.)$21.75$21.75$20.66 and up$20.66 and up
First Class Package Intl Service – Other Countries (1 lb.)$24.50 and up$24.50 and up$23.28 and up$23.28 and up
First Class Mail Intl Letters – Mexico & Canada (1 oz.)$1.20$1.30$1.20$1.30
First Class Mail Intl Letters – Other Countries (1 oz.)$1.20$1.30$1.20$1.30

Post Office/Retail Rates
Special Services2022 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*2022 Postage Rates2023 Postage Rates*
Certified Mail™$3.75Same$3.75$3.75
Certificate of Mailing$1.55$1.70$1.55$1.65
Registered Mail™$13.75 and up$15.75 and up$13.75 and up$15.25 and up
USPS Tracking$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
Restricted Delivery$5.40$6.55$5.40$6.55
Return Receipt – (mail)$3.05$4.15$3.05$4.15
Return Receipt – (electronic)$1.85$2.15$1.85$2.10
Return Receipt – (for Merchandise)DiscontinuedDiscontinued$4.30Discontinued
Signature Confirmation™$3.45$3.65$2.90$3.65
Adult Signature – (Basic)$6.90$7.80$6.90$7.70
Adult Signature – (Person Specific)$7.15$10.35$7.15$10.35
Package Intercept$15.25$17.25$15.25$17.0

From the table above, you can clearly observe the difference in rates with regard to their class and weight. The cost of sending a letter or parcel abroad is slightly higher than that of sending the same mail within the U.S. Also, depending on where the letter or mail is heading abroad, it is likely that the cost might shoot up. For instance, sending a letter to Canada may turn out to be cheaper than sending a letter to Germany or Singapore. This can be seen from the cost of sending priority mail internationally to Canada, which costs roughly $30.16 compared to that of other countries, which cost $39.71 and up.

Priority US Postage Stamp

In addition, the means of sending the first-class letter varies, which may make the overall cost to be high or low. If your letter is so urgent, it may be referred to as a priority, and it will end up costing you more. It will take fewer days to reach its destination when compared to a normal first-class letter. Over e years, the US postage rate has been changing. This has been impacted by a number of factors that cannot be avoided. Things have changed a lot as e-mail and social media have become the norm of distant people passing down a message to one another. Although sending postcards and letters through postage still exists, a lot has changed over the years.


American postage rates may as well vary depending on where you buy them. Some retailers sell these stamps at a higher cost than that USPS. So, the best place to buy a US postage stamp still remains to be the post office. They not only offer a variety of stamps, but you will find them at very favorable rates.

After checking the different USA postage rates in the above table, you can now go ahead and send your parcel, letter, or envelope by knowing what you will pay in advance. Whether it’s within the country or overseas, you will rest assured that the item you are sending will reach its destination safely.

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