Most Valuable Stamps In the World & US

Many people take stamps for granted, not knowing that this small piece of paper is very valuable. If you are new to the world of stamps, you may be surprised at how much some rare and old stamps cost. From the day the penny was created in the 19th century, there have been several other world-class stamps created from different parts of the world. Stamps which normally commemorate historical faces and major events in the past, cost from a few dollars to huge amounts. The value of old stamps from around the world depends on their uniqueness and what they stand for in the past. In this article, we are going to discuss the most valuable stamps in the United States and the whole world.

Valuable Old Stamps Price List:

Rare Stamp NameCurrent Stamp Value
British Guiana stamps value$9.5 million
Baden 9 Kreuzer error stamp€1,314,50 (Euro)
Sweden Three Skilling Banco Stamp$2.3 million
Mauritius postage stamps$4 million
Rare Hawaiian Missionary stamps$760,000
Old Penny Black Stamp$3,000

Most Valuable Stamps in the World


  • British Guiana One-Cent Black Magenta, 1856

This is regarded as the world’s most unique and most valuable stamp in the world. In 1970, they were sold at an auction for $280,000. At the moment, this unique stamp is valued at more than $1 million. There is just a single stamp left for this highly valued stamp. At a certain time, it was reported that there were several counterfeit stamps of British Guiana in circulation. Recently in 2014, this stamp fetched $9.5 million in an auction.

  • Baden 9 Kreuzer Error Stamp- Most Valuable Stamps In UK

This is Germany’s rarest and costly stamp of all time. The Baden 9 Kreuzer error stamp is very famous around the world because there are just 4 of them. At first, the stamps were organized to be printed in pink, but as a result of an error, several sheets were printed in green color. As of now, this stamp is among the most costly and goes for around 1,314,50 euros.

  • Sweden Three Skilling Banco, Yellow color error, 1855

At one time, this stamp held the title of the highest price of a stamp in an auction. The Treskilling Yellow was issued in 1855 and it was sold in an auction for $2.3 million in the year 1996. The Three skilling stamp is the only of its kind, and it is in yellow. The surviving Treskilling stamp was discovered by a small boy and stamp collector by the name Georg Wilhelm Boeckman in 1886 while he was perusing through his grandfather’s attic.

  • Post Office Mauritius Stamp Value, 1847

This is another famous stamp. These stamps were issued in Mauritius in 1847 when it was a British colony. The stamps were of two denominations, with one penny having the color of orange-red and two pence of dark blue. The stamps have the erstwhile British stamps with the picture of Queen Victoria. The words post office was printed on them, from where the stamps assume their name. It was later altered to postpaid from the next series. At the moment, just 26 specimens remain. Each of them costs around $4 million.

  • Hawaiian Missionaries Stamps Worth, 1851

These were issued by the former Kingdom of Hawaii. These stamps were referred to as missionaries because a good number of them were discovered on the correspondence between missionaries functioning in Hawaii. They were made in three different denominations, which were 2 cents, 5 cents, and 15 cents. Of the three, the rarest of them was the 2 cent version. Currently, there are just 15 of the present and cost $760,000 each.

  • Value of The Rare Penny Black Stamp, 1840

Actually, this was the first adhesive postage stamp in the world, which was introduced by Britain. Rowland Hill, who was the individual behind the idea, is commonly referred to as the ‘farther of postal stamps.’ The stamp derives its name from both the color and its value. It is featured with a profile of The British Queen Victoria. After being issued in 1840, the stamp was withdrawn due to its difficulty in viewing the cancellation mark in the black background. Finding this stamp is challenging, and it is very rare. It goes for $3,000, and some of its stamps are kept at the British Postal Museum.

Chart of Rare Stamps Value in the USA:

Rare USA Stamp NameOld Stam Value
Benjamin Franklin stamp$0.93 million
Landing of Columbus Stamp$275,000
Declaration of Independence Stamp value$280,000
Value of Curtiss Jenny Stamp$200,000
Rare George Washington Stamps$160,000
Abraham Lincoln Stamp$200,000

Most valuable stamps in the US

  • Benjamin Franklin Stamp Worth, 1867

This is one of the most valuable stamps in the United States. It is linked to the civil war matter and has the portrait of Benjamin Franklin, who is a famous political theorist, diplomat, author, and president of Pennsylvania. Franklin performed a crucial role in the shaping of the American mentality as the union of practical values and social tolerance. It costs a whopping $935,000. The post office used this design from the year 1847.

  • Landing of Columbus Stamp Price, 1869

This stamp is made of a copy of a famous painting by John Vanderlyn that depicts the historical arrival of the Italian Expedition to the shores of the new world. Columbus and his entire crew reached the formerly unrecognized land in 1492 and, as a result, placed America on the map for the whole of Europe to see. Practically, they brought the US into existence. Before this stamp started retailing at $275,000, this stamp was going for $0.15 cents.

  • The Declaration of Independence, 1869

This is a notable stamp in the history of America. This is because it commemorates the historic proclamation of the United States’ independence. Also, it is among the finest pictorials of 1969. Today, an unused declaration of independence stamp costs around $280,000.

  • Curtiss Jenny Postage Stamp Value, 1918

This stamp was unleashed in the year 1918. One of the strange things about this stamp is that it comes in two variations. As a result of a printing error, the image of the airplane appeared upside down on no less than 100 samples that managed to get into circulation. Afterward, just one pane of all inverted Jennies was ever found. As a result of this, the design became highly valued, making its price to be $200,000.

  • George Washington stamp value, 1867

When it comes to the first president of the United States, his portrait has been used in a number of ways. One of them is by the post office, where they used it largely in the printing of postage stamps. The profile of President George Washington was crowned on the stamps of the 1867 series and was also present in various variations. At the moment, the stamp costs $160,000.

  • Value of Abraham Lincoln Stamp, 1867

This stamp is among the oldest US stamps that can be utilized to send letters. During the civil war, the US government annulled the presence of stamps and assumed revamped designs. The 60s issue added two new political leaders who were Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson. They currently cost $200,000.


If you possess one of the most valuable stamps above or have an old stamp that you don’t know its value, it’s a great idea to calculate and know how the stamp is worth at the moment. You may be having hundreds of thousands in your drawer without knowing. Finding these stamps is not easy because of their high value.

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