International Stamps Price 2021

USPS offers wide services with both local and international included. Just like sending a letter within the country, sending a letter abroad is as well very easy. On a daily basis, millions of letters and parcels that needs international stamps are sent all over the world. If you are based in the US, the United States Postal Service and can help you ship your package easily to your most preferred destination. It can be to Canada, Australia, England, Japan, France or any of the other destinations around the world.

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When sending a mail, postcard or parcel abroad, there are various ways through which the USPS makes this possible. Depending on the urgency that you need your letter or parcel to reach its destination, the USPS creates several avenues for you to do so. You can send your letter using the first class mail international service, the priority mail international service or the priority mail express international service. In addition, the mail sender is allowed to leave their international mail together with others for pickup or they can organize for a carrier to come and pick up the mail. First-class mail international stamps are issued at $1.15 for one ounce letter to any destination around the world as long as there is a first-class mail international service. In this category, there are two stamp formats from which a person can choose from.

Here are some other International Stamps price / Postages rates:

Type of International

Postage Rates

First Class Mail International Letter $1.20
Priority Mail Express International Letter (0.5 lb., Zone 1) $45.95 and up
Priority Mail International (1 lb.) – Canada $35.71 and up
Priority Mail International (1 lb.) – other nations $44.60 and up
First Class Package International Service (1 oz., Group 1) $20.19 and up


On the other hand, if you decide to use international stamps and international mail services, you stand to enjoy a number of benefits. First of all, you will be allowed to print postage, address labels and customs forms in a very simple way. Also, you will save on postage costs when you utilize their services to ship your letter overseas. You will get to save at least 5% on first class package international service, priority mail international and priority mail express international. Furthermore, the process is easy and fast as one just needs to fill the forms from instead of going to the post office. These and other services make sending a letter or parcel abroad to be easy and swift from your home.

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Generally, international mail services vary with regard to their weight, size, and destination. This means that if the letter or parcel weighs more than the standard one, the charges go up. Also, if you’re sending a letter to Canada and another letter to China, the price will be as well different. Sending a letter or parcel to Canada is cheaper than sending the same letter to China. This applies to send parcels and postcards. Moreover, if the size of the postcard is larger than the normal size, you will be charged higher on your international package.

So, as you prepare to send a mail overseas, have in mind its weight, size, thickness, and length. Envelopes that are larger than the recommended size will be charged similar to package rates. In terms of international stamps price, all these rates can be determined by using an international price calculator. Note that there are restrictions when sending international mails and packages through the USPS. The maximum weight of sending mailpieces is 4 lbs and not greater than $400 in value. Also, there are some materials that disallowed for shipping. These include things such as ammunition, aerosols, poison, gasoline, cigarettes, perfumes, fragile items and smokeless tobacco, among many others.


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