First Class Stamp Cost- Updated List of 2023

If you have been mailing letters in the U.S., then the term First class stamp cost might not be at all new to you. The term implies that the cost of sending the letter stays the same as long as the letter that you’re sending weighs one ounce or below.

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Even if the stamp price changes in the future, one can still use the previous stamps without being charged anything. For instance, in 2016, the price of First class letters fell to $0.46 before increasing again to $0.51. Now the rate is $0.63. The rate has been set by the postal regulatory commission. People who had already bought the stamps at that time could still use these u.s postal service stamps to send a letter that weighed one ounce or less.

Additional Stamp Cost

If the first-class letter that you are sending weighs more than one ounce, then you will be charged an extra 0.21 for every ounce. Also, the first-class stamp varies in price with regard to its weight, size, shape, and mail class. By mail class, we mean that there are those that are regarded as priority mail. Some are domestic postcards, while others are international. First-class domestic mail is priced differently from First class international mail. The first-class domestic mail costs $0.63 per the current rates, while the first class international mail rate increase from $1.15 to $1.20. This postage rate is for letters alone, as parcels and other items have their own rates.

The prices of First class stamps

First Class Stamp Cost
Before we look at the different costs of first class stamps, it is important to note that these prices became effective at the beginning of 2017. They are as follows:

  • Letter stamps – before you acquire a stamp for sending your letter, you should know if it is of the standard size or rectangular envelopes, which are normally charged at $0.63. But if the letter you’re sending is of square size, oversized, or an unusual envelope, then it will cost you $1.03.
  • Postcard stamps – unlike letters, postcards usually cost less. For standard-sized and rectangular envelopes, one can be charged $0.44.
  • Global Forever International stamps – sending a letter or postcard abroad is more costly than sending it within the U.S. Normally, Global Forever stamps are standard size, and large rectangular envelopes cost from $1.45 and above.

N/B: Before going to buy a stamp, you should know the size and weight of your letter so that you can have a rough idea of what you will be required to pay at the post office to send your letter successfully.

First Class Stamp Cost 2023

Below is a table of the current United States Postal Service first class mail stamp costs.

Type of First class stamp

price of a First class stamp

First class mail letter (1 oz.) – Retail/Post office rate $0.63 cents
First class mail letter (1oz.) – Metered mail/ rate $0.57
First class mail letters – each additional ounce $0.24
First class mail flat (1oz.) $1.45
First class mail flat – each additional ounce $0.24
First class mail international letter $1.45
First class package service $4.75 and up
First class package international service (1oz., group 1) $15.75 and up

From the table above, one can easily see that first class stamps vary from one another with regard to a number of things. A normal letter can be sent for $0.63, and anything beyond the usual weight will cost $0.24 per ounce. First class international letters require a stamp worth $1.45, and first class package services cost $4.75 and above if it is within the country, while if they are going beyond the country, it will cost $15.75 and above. Also, a first class mail flat costs $1.45 to send, and anything above the recommended weight is charged $0.24 per ounce.

Another thing to note about first-class mail stamps is that they are delivered within three business days and are one of the most affordable ways to send envelopes and lightweight items within the United States and abroad. This makes them be suitable for use in business and personal correspondence. Below are some of the features of first class mail:

  • It’s the best-priced service for mail up to 13 ounces.
  • Has insurance for loss or damage of up to $5000 for merchandise only
  • Delivery of items between one to three business days
  • Receive up to 3.5 ounces free with commercial-priced letters and cards
  • Can combine with additional services to confirm delivery


Now that you know the cost of first-class stamps, you can go ahead and buy a stamp that will enable you to send it to a state or country of your choice. If you want your letter or envelope to reach its destination quickly, you can decide to specify it as a priority or express mail. First class stamp cost for sending a letter within the country differs from that of sending the same letter abroad. Things that determine the type of first class stamp you use on your letter or parcel include their weight, shape, and size.

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