Does Rite Aid Sell Stamps?

If you are still in doubt whether or does Rite Aid, sell stamps or no, you shouldn’t be. You can find book of stamps at most of the Rite locations within the United States. They are sold at the same price as that of the USPS. Rite Aid is well dispersed all over the country 4, 600 stores. This makes it convenient for Rite Aid customers to purchase household items and medications they require from a Rite Aid close to them.

So, Does Rite Aid Sell Stamps?

Yes, Rite Aid sells stamps.

It is actually estimated that there is a Rite Aid store within 5 miles of every American. In fact, Rite Aid is the biggest pharmacy chain store on America’s East Coast. Apart from selling medicines and other items, you can also find books of stamps from a Rite Aid pharmacy. At the moment, it has employed more than 89 000 people. This makes it be one of the largest employers in the United States.

In the past, selling postage stamps was a thing of the post office. But today, there are various retailers, grocery stores, banks, gas stations, and pharmacies that sell stamps. Rite Aid is one of them. Rite Aid started selling postage stamps in the early 2000s. This was driven by customers’ demands. From then to date, Rite Aid has been selling stamps, and you will likely find forever stamps at a good number of Rite Aid stores.

History of Rite Aid

Rite Aid has been in existence for so long, and many Americans are very familiar with it. This drugstore was founded in 1962 by Alex Grass in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Between the years 1962 and 1972, Rite Aid Drugstore opened a total of 267 stores in 10 states in the United States. In 1987, the pharmacy bought the drug store chain, and its store locations in the country rose to 2000, which made to become the largest selling drugstore in the country at that time. Another major milestone in the history of Rite Aid is when it teamed up with General Nutrition Companies (GNC) in 1999 to sells supplements and herbal products. As of now, Rite Aid boasts of more than 4 621 stores countrywide and is the third-largest pharmacy store in America behind CVS and Walgreens, which are the major competitor. It is also listed on fortune 500.

Services at Rite Aid

Rite Aid has some of the best services. The drugstore is famous for selling medicines, beauty, and beauty care products. But also, one can purchase fitness, health, and sexual items from any Rite Aid store. A few years back, Rite Aid as well decided to venture into foods and drinks. They have set up a small grocery where you can buy your supplies. The customer service at Rite Aid is overwhelming as pharmacists and staff are constantly prepared to attend to your demands. This makes customers come back to Rite Aid stores. In addition, they have a reward and loyalty program that motivates clients to shop again at their stores. But does Rite Aid Sell Stamps? Yes, they do.

Why buy stamps from Rite Aid?

Buying stamps at the post office is way cheaper when compared to buying them at Rite Aid. This is because some people have reported some Rite Aid stores to sell stamps at a higher cost than that of the USPS. The advantage one gets for buying stamps at a Rite Aid store is the chance to buy other supplies too and save time and energy. Before buying stamps, you need to weigh your stamps and ensure you have the right number of stamps with you. Also, not all Rite Aid stores sell stamps, and it’s worth calling the Rite Aid pharmacy near you to know if it has them in stock. Check with the cashier and confirm if they have them. Normally, they sell books of stamps and not single stamps.

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