Where To Buy Stamps? Online Buying Guide 2023

Are you looking for a place “where to buy stamps”? Post Office is not the only source of buying stamps. Nowadays, most people purchase stamps Online. However, a few of them want to know the location where to buy stamps near me. If you find yourself needing to send a letter, package, or documents to a company or person, this where to buy stamps article will guide you in the right direction. The most common question is, “how much stamp now?” and what are the Current US Postage Rates?

For people who love to travel a lot, you definitely know the importance of a postage stamp. Imagine that you’re in a foreign country and just wrote a postcard to send to one of your friends back home. Unlike in your country, finding a postage stamp in a foreign country can be somehow challenging as you may not know where the post office is based. This may force you to ask a native of that area where to find some stamps. So, if this happens to you, there is no need to panic as there are numerous areas where you can find these stamps. For instance, if you live in the United States, the first place to look for is the post office. Then you can turn to retailers and online stores. Also, for those who live in other parts of the world, the scenario is more or less the same.

In this article, we’ve compiled for you all the data that you need concerning stamps and where to buy them. But before we proceed, it’s important to know what a postage stamp is.

What Is A Postage Stamp?

A postage stamp is a receipt that stands as proof that you have paid for your mailing services. Usually, it is a small piece of paper that is displayed on the item in the mail. The stamp indicates a national identity that could vary from significant historical figures to important cultural symbols. Furthermore, it has a denomination and the country’s name printed beside the said identification. It contains crucial data with connection to the nature of the mail, and it assists its delivery until it reaches its destination.

Purchasing Stamps(video)

Brief History About Postage Stamps

Since the mid-18th century, postage stamps have assisted the whole mailing system. It is as a result of these small papers that the system has been extremely effective over the years. The truth is, sending snail mail is actually very difficult than people normally think. A lot of individuals just think that it’s all about writing, sealing, sending, and all is done! Nope, this isn’t usually the case. This is because, for postage guys and firms who take care of the mailing system, there is a number of information that require to be taken into consideration before sending the postcard or whatever is to be sent. A few such incidents include: Is the mail going to be sent using a vehicle, boat, airplane, or train? Is it the normal slow mail or the premium type? What are the contents of the mail, and are they very important? These are some of the things the postage guys and firms ask themselves.

There are individuals who pay more just to give priority to their mails. There are peculiar postage stamps for such people. In addition, other clients pay hefty fees to have their emails customized. For instance, having their photo placed beside the stamps. These and other features have made stamps easy to be sorted out as every mail is categorized according to value. At the moment, stamps aren’t being used at the same rate as they were in the past. The main reason is that snail mail have now been replaced by quicker and more effective e-mails. Different people such as work-mates, friends, lovers, and even families communicate with each other almost instantly by sending letters which are in the form of e-mails. Also, the various social sites available have made things even easier as people can contact each other almost instantly.

For these reasons, postage stamps have become a favorite for enthusiastic collectors of historical items and antiques. Almost every country has peculiar postage stamps that greatly vary from that of other countries. Every country creates its own design and national colors. With a great variety from every nation around the globe, this makes collecting postage stamps to be fun and very interesting. And even though the use of postage stamps has become disused, there are still several things that stamps can be used to mail around the world, which is not just letters. This has made stamps remain relevant and will still be relevant for years to come.

Where to buy stamps

If you’re a traveler, brace yourself as we are about to highlight for you the different areas you can get stamps to send a letter or postcard to a friend when abroad.

Where to buy Mode How
Stamps.com Online Buy Stamps From Stamps.com
USPS Online Buy Stamps From USPS
Walmart Online & Offline Buy Stamps From Walmart
Amazon Online Buy Stamps From Amazon
eBay Online Buy Stamps From eBay
USPS Post Office Offline Buy Stamps From USPS Post Office
Banks Offline Buy Stamps From Banks
ATM Offline Buy Stamps From the ATM
Gas Stations Offline Buy Stamps From Gas Stations
Grocery Stores Offline Buy Stamps From Grocery Stores
Pharmacies Offline Buy Stamps From Pharmacies
  • Stamps near me

Lots of people ask the question where to buy stamps near me? Depending on the part of the world that you’re located in, there are various ways through which a person can acquire a stamp. The most usual one is the post office. Then, it can be followed by several other online stores and retailers. In the USA, here are some of the places to buy stamps:

  • Pharmacy

It is such a great idea that pharmacies do sell stamps, too, besides medical products, food, and toiletry. Though it is not a guarantee that you will find stamps in every pharmacy that you visit in your local area, The major ones should have them. These include: Walgreens, RiteAid, and CVS are good to go. These retailers usually stock different types of stamps, and you can be certain to get the type that you’re looking for.

  • Wal-Mart

Actually, this is the easiest place you can get any kind of stamp that you are looking for. Almost all the major towns and cities have a Wal-Mart store. These normally open early and will offer you more than just the stamps. You can also get paper, a pen, an envelope, and other writing materials from Walmart.

  • Gas Stations

This is another excellent place that usually sells stamps. Gas stations open up early than banks, and this makes them a good option. The only challenge is that not all gas stations sell stamps, and this is a letdown on their part. You should be able to identify which ones sell postage stamps and which ones don’t.

  • Office Supplies

Traditionally, office supplies aren’t known to sell stamps, but they have started embracing it slowly. So, not all of the office supplies stores have them. But since they sell everything a person needs for sending the letter or card, it sounds better if one can acquire all the writing materials and the stamps themselves in one single place. These stores usually offer a variety of stamps to choose from, and we recommend these stores: Staples, Try Office Depot, and Office Max.

  • Grocery Stores

Virtually all the large grocery stores will have stamps. Small grocery stores might as well have stamps, but it is a trial-and-error thing. You should check to ascertain whether it has or not.

  • Banks

This is one of the sure places to find stamps. Although banks open for just a few hours as compared to other places on this list, you can easily find stamps in any bank that you approach. Also, banks are well dispersed and can be found almost in any small town and around the country. Apart from opening for a limited period of time, banks also don’t sell other writing materials, as you will only find stamps.

  • An ATM

This is a new service that can only be found in the newer or current generation ATMs. In addition, not all of these ATMs sell stamps. But with time, this will become more functional, and stamps will be sold widely.

  • Online stores

There are various online sites where you can buy stamps. The first and usual online platform is Amazon. Amazon isn’t just for books, as stamps can also be bought from there. Buying one stamp from Amazon is not possible, but the whole process is made easier for the purchaser. Amazon sells almost all types of products, like flushing toilets, home improvement products, etc.

With the above places, buying a stamp has now been made easier as you can choose the most convenient place to buy your stamps from. The price is the same, and you should just look for the nearest and most convenient place to buy stamps from.

Do postage stamps cost?

The most common question is how much are stamps? After knowing where you can buy stamps, we can now go ahead and discuss the costs of different stamps. Whether you want to purchase your postage stamps from Walmart, Walgreen, Amazon, Bank of America, or even CVS, the price is the same. You can as well buy stamps from the United States Postal Service from one of their physical locations or through their online website.

The only difference is in the type of stamp that you want. Different stamps come at different prices. They range from slow mail stamps to premium stamps and customized stamps. The cost of every stamp depends on a variety of things, such as the destination of the mail and the type of item being posted. A postcard will turn out to be more costly than a normal letter. Also, heavier and high-value items also cost more. Domestic stamps are cheaper when compared to international stamps. In all of these, there are categories, and they decide the cost of the stamp. For instance, first-class emails are more costly than normal domestic mail.

Postage rates

In the past, the United States Postal rates were determined by congress as part of the postal service Act brought into law by President George Washington. The postal rates were then determined by the distance the letter, parcel, or postcard was to be delivered. The west and east both had a point of delivery. At the moment, the postal rates have been decided by the Postal Regulatory Commission since the enactment of the Postal Reorganization Act of the year 1970. The current postal rates in the U.S are as follows:

source from: stamps.com

Type of Rates Postage Rates 2021 Postage Rates (New Rate 2023)
First class mail letter (1 oz.) – Retail/Post office rate $0.55 $0.63
First class mail letter (1 oz.) – Metered mail/stamps.com rate $0.50 $0.60
First class mail letter – each additional ounce $0.15 $0.24
Postcard $0.35 $0.48
First class mail flat (1 oz.) $1.00 $1.26
First class mail flat – each additional ounce $0.15 $0.24
First class mail international letter $1.15 $1.45
Priority mail express (0.5 lb., zones 1&2) $22.68 and up $23.50 and up
Priority mail (1lb., zones 1&2) $6.95 and up $8.25 and up
First class package service (1-6 oz.) $2.66 $4.75 and up (6 oz.)
Parcel select ground (1 lb., zones 1&2) $6.85 $7.01 and up
Retail ground (1 lb., zones 1&2) – Retail/Post office rate $7.35 and up $8.95 and up
Media mail (1 lb., zones 1&2) $2.75 $3.19
Priority Mail Express International (0.5 lb., zone 1) $44.00 and up $54.75 and up
Priority Mail Intl Flat Rate Envelopes – Canada $25.85 $30.35
Priority mail international (1lb.) – other countries $32.20 and up $35.75 and up
First class package international service (1 oz., Group 1) $9.98 and up $15.75 and up

From the above table, these are the current rates of postage stamps in the United States as of 27 January, 2023. The United States Postal service rates are decided based on the combination of weight, shape, and mail class. For some services, discounted pricing is available for clients who buy from online PC postage services like stamps.com

Different costs of stamps

  • First class postage cost

How much is a first class stamp? First class mail is a really fast and affordable way to send envelopes and lightweight packages. It is very suitable for business and personal correspondence, cards, brochures, and lightweight merchandise. For instance, first class mail forever stamps retails at $0.55, while first class mail postcard stamp costs $0.35. Also, first class mail is targetable, trackable with particular additional services, and measurable, thus providing a broad range of choices for businesses. With the help of address correction and forwarding services, your message reaches a huge percentage of your audience.

The maximum weight for first class mail letters is 3.5 oz; for big first class envelopes and parcels, the maximum weight is 13 0z. Every postcard and envelope must be rectangular. Otherwise, an extra fee may be enforced. Extra size restrictions apply depending on the type of mailpiece you’re sending. As you plan to send your mail, you should be as well aware of the specific regulations and standards for mailing restricted, prohibited, and life-threatening materials, including the inclusion of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

  • Forever stamps value

Do you know what is the cost of a forever stamp? To begin with, let’s define what forever stamps are. These are first-class stamps issued by the United States Postal Service. What makes the Forever stamps to be special is that you can purchase them at the current first-class postage rate, and they will still remain valid even if the rate goes up in the future. For instance, if you purchase a Forever stamp at $0.49 cents per stamp and the first class postage rate goes up in six months to $0.55 per stamp, you will be saving $0.06 cents for every letter you send. So, if you assume that postal rates will go up and never fall, then forever stamps are a great investment.

Forever stamps were first intercepted in April 2007, and within just a period of 4 years, every first class one-ounce stamp became forever stamps, apart from those sold in coils of 500, 3, 000 and 10, 000, with regard to the United States Postal Service site. Forever Stamps were created for the consumer’s simplicity of use at the time of price changes.

The cost of Forever stamps varies. A 1-ounce stamp will cost $0.98, a 2-ounce stamp costs $1.19, a 3-ounce stamp costs $1.40, and a 4-ounce stamp goes for $1.61. All of these are prices for first class oversized letters. For first class standardized letter prices, here are the prices: 2 ounce goes for $0.70 and a 3-ounce Forever Stamp costs $0.91.

Book of stamps

A book of stamps can be defined as a collection of stamps fastened together. How much is a book of stamps? Sometimes, buying in bulk or a book of stamps can be cheaper than buying just a few stamps. Before the United States Postal service increased the cost of stamps to 55 cents, they were retailing at 50 cents. This is the cost of sending a single letter. But when it comes to sending a book of 20 stamps, the price rose from $9.80 to $10.30. The rise in the stamps has been termed as the biggest hike for consumer postage stamps in more than a decade.

Depending cost of a book of stamps depends on a number of factors—for instance, the type of stamps contained in the booklet and the brand. For instance, Forever has a wide range of books of stamps that it sells at different prices. Some of these include: Delicious costs $9.80, Pets costs $9.80, Flowers From the Garden costs between $9.80 – $4, 900, Patriotic Spiral costs from $4.90 – $4, 900, Botanical art goes for $4.90 and 2016 U.S. Flag costs between $4.90 – 49.80. These are some of the books of stamps available for purchase in the United States from Forever Stamps.

Wedding postage stamps

You can buy ready-made wedding-themed stamps, or you can order custom themed Wedding Stamps. There are different types of custom stamps being sold by the USPS. Also, there are brands that offer themed or custom-made stamps. One of the brands that do that is the Zazzle. Zazzle custom-made stamps are available for different weights and come in a variety of designs. When buying or creating custom stamps, you should be aware that you will have to pay slightly higher than the normal stamp rates.


Type/Weight Rate 2020 Rate 2021 New Rate 2023
Postcards $0.35 $0.35 $0.48


1st class, 1 oz $0.55 $0.55 $0.63
1st class, 1 oz – odd size $0.71 $0.85 $1.03
1st class, 2 oz $0.70 $0.70 $0.88
1st class, 2 oz – odd size $0.70 $0.91 $1.20
1st class, 3 oz $0.91 $0.92 $1.26
1st class large envelope, 1 oz $0.98  $1.00 $1.26
1st class, 3 oz – odd size $1.12 $1.13 $1.68
1st class, 3.5 oz $1.12 $1.13 $1.78
1st class large envelope, 2 oz $1.19 $1.21 $1.44
1st class large envelope, 3 oz $1.40 $1.42 $1.68
1st class large envelope, 4 oz $1.61 $1.63 $1.92
1st class large envelope, 5 oz $1.82 $1.84 $2.16
1st class large envelope, 6 oz $2.03 $2.20 $2.40

Zazzle offers more than 350000 different wedding-themed stamps, and you can as well create stamps of your own. In addition, all stamps are valid United States Postal service postage; they feature a self-adhesive backing and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The above table has all the rates that one needs to know what they will be required to pay.

Old stamps Importance

If you are an avid stamp collector, then you definitely know the value of old stamps and other unique stamps. So, if you have some old stamps in your home or have come across them and don’t know what’s their worth, it’s good if you find them out as they might be very valuable than you thought. Postage stamps have their own stamp value, which ranges in type, purpose, and age. Older stamps, more so the unique ones, are more valuable than new ones. Thus, this implies that the more unique your older stamp is, the more valuable it might turn out to be.

The value of old stamps can be determined by a number of things. As discussed in the last paragraph, several things can determine the stamp cost, such as age, grade, condition, and uniqueness. For you to determine the value of the old stamp, you can get in touch with a stamp dealer or decide the price by yourself. In the U.S., there are a number of stamp dealers who conduct appraisal services. As well you can ask other philatelists about the right stamp dealer who can offer unbiased stamp value. But if you want to find the value of stamps by yourself, then here are some of the things to consider: begin by identifying the old postage stamp, determine the centering, learn the condition, provide attention to the gum, check out the degree of cancellation, confirm the uniqueness, and finally, identify the stamp age and material. These factors will, in the end, enable you to come up with a suitable value for your old stamps.

Rare stamps wanted? (Latest value)

To some, stamps maybe just a form of delivering mail from one place to another, locally or abroad. But others see stamps as a hobby and collect as many of them as possible. Since the appearance of Penny black in the 19th century, stamps have become one of the highly sought after objects for enthusiastic collectors. These small pieces of paper immortalizing historical figures, animals, and past epic events are more valuable than most people think. Hence, if you are a possessor of a unique stamp, then you might be lying on a gold mine. It’s good if you find out the value of your stamp before attempting to sell it.

There are various valuable stamps around the U.S. and the world. In the U.S., here is the list of the most valuable stamps: Benjamin Franklin, 1867 is valued at $935,000, and Landing of Columbus, 1869 is valued at $275,000. The Declaration of Independence is valued at $275,000. Shield, eagles, and flags 1869 are valued at $210,000, and Abraham Lincoln, 1867, is valued at $200,000. Around the globe, there are several other stamps that are valued at a very high price, which are as follows: Baden 9 Kreuzer Error stamp, 1851 is valued at 1.3 million euros, Sweden Three Skilling Banco, Yellow Color Error, 1855 is valued at $2.3 million, British Guiana One-Cent Black on Magenta, 1856 is valued at $935, 000, Hawaiian Missionaries, 1851 is valued at $760, 000 and Post Office Mauritius, 1847 is valued at $600, 000. These and many others are some of the most valued stamps in the U.S. and the world.

Global stamps

Numerous mails are sent around the world on a daily basis from Asia to the United States, Europe to Australia, South America to Africa, and many more. The United States Postal Service and stamps.com make it easier for people to send letters, parcels, and postcards all over the world. Every country such as the U.S. and the UK has its own international service. In the U.S., the United States Postal Service international mail service is very economical and assists U.S. residents in sending letters, parcels, postcards and other weights around the world with much ease. No costs are hidden, and you will get free envelopes and boxes for priority mail international. Although, international stamps price is higher than the local stamps.

Sending a mail may take between 7 to 21 days, depending on its destination and mode of sending it. Your parcel, letter, or postcard may travel by rail, road, water, or air. Depending on its urgency, you may be able to receive it within a week or within 3 weeks. USPS categorizes international mails as first-class package international service, priority mail international, and priority mail express international. So, ensure that you check out what is included in the service that you are picking. For international services, USPS uses USPS global forever stamps.

How Many Stamps Do You Need?

How many stamps do I need? The number of stamps that you have to place in your letter varies drastically. This heavily relies on the shape and weight of your letter. A standard one-ounce letter mailed within the U.S. can constantly be mailed using a first class single stamp, which usually costs 49 cents. Thus, an individual can use either one forever stamp or first class stamp. Normally, USPS has a maximum weight capacity of 13 oz. so, if your package, letter, or postcard weighs less than 13 oz, then you can go ahead and place just one stamp on it. Usually, you will be charged 49 cents. For every additional ounce per parcel or letter that you send, the cost increases by $0.24. Also, depending on the mail class, you may be charged more; say first class package that weighs more than 13 oz will cost more than the average rate, which is $2.67, and for priority, mail express weighing more than 13 oz will cost more than $21.18.

So, the number of stamps that you need to stick to your parcel depends mostly on the weight of your letter. Hence, if you think your parcel weighs more than 13 ounces, then you should take it to the post office to be weighed, and they will let you know exactly how many stamps are needed to mail it to your desired destination. Just have in mind that if it weighs more than the recommended weight, the cost will rise, and you will need more than one normal forever stamp.

Buy Stamps Online

Can you buy stamps online? Stamps can be acquired in different ways. And one of the most efficient and effective methods to get stamps is through online services such as stamps.com. This method is very quick and less costly than visiting a post office. Many people in the United States use stamps.com to send letters instantly and from the convenience of their homes. Stamps.com allows people to purchase, calculate and print official USPS postage for anything from letters to postcards and parcels. Also, it can be local or international. They charge $15.99 every month plus the cost of postage.

The good thing about Stamps online, such as stamps.com, is that you can acquire stamps at any time of the day without wasting your time visiting a post office. Also, online stamp providers like stamps.com have extra features that you cannot get at the post office. These include no service charges, staying away from hidden fees, avoiding equipment insurance, and getting rid of the costly postage meter ink. In addition, there is no additional hardware to buy, as you have everything that you require. Such services make buying stamps online to be easy and highly effective. Other online places where you can buy stamps include Amazon and USPS online services. So, where to buy stamps online?

Below is a list of top stores around the U.S where you can find postage stamps

Walgreens stamps

This is a question many individuals ask themselves “Does Walgreens Sell Stamps“? I can gladly answer that Yes! Walgreens sell stamps, and it’s advisable to weigh your parcel, envelope, or postcard before buying the stamps that you need to mail it. Walgreens is a famous retail store around the United States and boasts of more than 8, 000 outlets in the country. Being one of the largest pharmacy stores in the United States, it has other chains in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Besides selling stamps, which can be found at the cashier by simply asking them for them, the chain store as well sells medicine and foodstuffs.

It is estimated that 76 percent of Americans are based within 5 miles of a Walgreen store. In addition to the stamps, food, and medicinal products, the chain store also offers photo printing services for individuals who require images to be printed. Another crucial thing that the chain store provides to its clients is healthcare services. With all these services in just one place, Walgreens is a lovely store that can help you sort out your different needs. Get the stamps of your choice at any Walgreens outlet and send your parcel or envelope with ease.

Walmart stamps

So, the question is, Does Walmart sell stamps? It is definitely a YES!! Whatever you think of buying, you can always find it at Walmart. Being the largest store in the United States and very popular around the world, Walmart sells almost everything. Whether it’s groceries, foodstuffs, clothes, and other things, you will always find them at Walmart. Also, if you are looking for postage stamps to buy, just ask the cashier at Walmart, and they will offer them in single or books of stamps. With more than 4,648 Walmart stores in the United States alone, it is more practical than you can locate a Walmart store quickly in your locale.

Therefore, just identify a Walmart store, and you will be guaranteed to get stamps of your choice, whether in book form or in singles. Besides stamps, Walmart stores sell a wide range of products such as food, stationery, clothes, and many others. Their convenience all over the country and their online presence make them the best place to buy stamps from. Besides stamps, you can also get furniture, electronics, toys, sports gear, and car accessories, to name a few things.

CVS stamps

Another great base for buying stamps from when you live in the United States is CVS. So, does CVS sell stamps? Yes, CVS sells stamps, normally in book form, as they don’t have singles. Before preparing to visit a CVS store to acquire a book of stamps, you should call your nearest store and find out if they have them in stock.  CVS is the largest pharmacy in the U.S. and is ranked in the fortune 500, with it being number 7 on the list. It boasts more than 9,600 stores around the country, making identifying a CVS store easy and fast. In addition to this, the firm has the highest total prescription revenue among all pharmacy stores in the U.S.

Since its formation in 1963, CVS has gone ahead and developed to become the largest Pharmacy in the United States. Besides selling stamps and over-the-counter medicines, the firm as well boasts of selling cosmetics and beauty products. There is a CVS store in almost any location around the U.S. Here, and you can find a book of stamps of your choice. All you have to do is to weigh your letter and the postcard of the parcel and call the CVS store to confirm if they have the stamps before actually going there. Ask the cashier or the CVS customer care desk for the stamps. Keep in mind that they only sell books of stamps, not single stamps.

Target stamps

Does Target Sell Stamps? Yes, they sell stamps. Target is one of the major retail stores in the United States. It can be found almost in every corner of the country, making it a perfect base for finding a stamp or book of stamps. The store started in 1902 and has a presence in more than 40 states and 1 806 outlets in the United States. It is the 7th largest employer in the U.S. and sells several things to consumers. These include foodstuffs, toys, furniture, electronics, stationery, home appliances, and many more. Its presence in different parts of the country makes it a suitable place to buy stamps from.

If you are looking to buy stamps from Target, you are definitely in the right direction. This chain store sells stamps in singles and books of stamps. They sell a variety of types, and the rates are similar to those of the USPS. Before you buy stamps, you should weigh your package or envelope first. Also, not all Target stores have stamps. But when you visit a Target supercenter, you can be guaranteed to get stamps of different kinds there. So, before you rush to a small Target store to acquire stamps, contact them first or ask their cashier or customer service.

711 stamps

Does 711 sell stamps? Yes, they do. When it comes to convenience stores that sell stamps, 711 is one of them. This store is well dispersed all over the United States and around the world. They have majored in the selling of tickets, coffee, and food. The firm, which was started in 1927, is an American-Japanese international chain of convenience stores. The brand has more than 56,600 stores in 18 countries all over the world. It was formerly known as Tote’m, but was renamed in 1946. The store can be found all over the country, and stamps are sold in most of their outlets.

If you are looking for a place to buy a book of stamps or stamps, you can check or contact the 711 stores near you before making a move. A good number of these stores sell stamps, but not all of them. Also, you should specify the type of stamp you need in advance, as they normally sell books instead of single stamps. Some of the advantages of buying stamps at 711 convenience stores are that they operate late and on weekends too. So, you aren’t limited to just weekends or just during the day. The different types of stamps that you will likely get at 711 include forever stamps and first class stamps. Normally, these are in books of stamps as they don’t usually deal with single stamps.

Rite Aid stamps

Yes, Rite Aid sells stamps. You can always buy stamps, food, and medicine from any Rite Aid store. These drug stores can be found almost in all corners of the country. Walk into any Rite Aid store and ask the cashier or customer care for the book of stamps. Rite Aid was started in the year 1962. It is the 3rd largest pharmacy chain in the United States and can be found almost everywhere. It is the biggest East Coast chain store with more than 89,000 associates. In the year 1999, the firm partnered with General Nutrition Company to sell herbal products, vitamins, and mineral supplements. Other programs to get at Rite Aid include diabetes management, allergy awareness, health, and wellness.

Now you know where you can get your stamps quickly, and it’s from Rite Aid. They specialize in selling books of stamps. Before you just go to any Rite Aid store to ask for stamps, contact them in advance. Also, it is said that Rite Aid stores sell stamps at a higher cost than that of the United States Postal Service (USPS). As a result, you should inquire about their prices and ensure that you get the best deal for your money. Ask the cashier or go to customer care of a Rite Aid store and enquire or buy a book of a stamp of your choice.

Staples stamps

Since 1986 when the first Staples store was opened in Brighton, Massachusetts, Staples has continued to expand with a number of stores in the United States and Canada. The office supply retailing corporation offers a number of products to consumers. These include promotional products, office machines, staples, technology, and business services. These are provided both online and in stores. Also, Staples stamps can be found here, although the postal services the firm used for others have been cut down from the beginning of 2017.

This office supply chain boasts more than 1,500 stores in North America. Here, you will find all your office supplies at very competitive prices. Also, they sell stamps in singles and books of stamps. Just inquire and find out if the Staples store near you sells stamps. If they do, visit the store and ask the cashier or go to the customer care desk for inquiries on stamps. Not all Staples stores sell stamps; you should find out before leaving your home. In total, there are about 1,225 warehouses in the United States alone, as per the 2016 statistics.

Does Circle K sell stamps?

Yes, Circle K sells stamps. If you’re looking for a convenience store to buy stamps from, Circle K is an excellent destination. The firm started in 1951 before it expanded to its present world command. The firm can be found in almost 50 states in the United States and all provinces of Canada. Also, it can be found in several European countries, such as Sweden, Russia, Norway, Latvia, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Estonia, and Lithuania. With its headquarters in Arizona, the convenience store has continued to expand and sell a wide range of products, with stamps being one of them.

The circle has more than 4, 000 outlets. But before you rush to acquire a book of 20 stamps or more from this company, you should contact the store near you and find out if they are selling stamps. Similar to other stores, they have specialized in selling books of stamps instead of single ones. Another advantage of buying from Circle K is that they operate on the weekend, and thus you can buy stamps at your own convenient time. Visit a Circle K store and go to the cashier or customer care to buy a book of stamps of your choice.

Kroger stamps

Last but not least is the Kroger store. Yes, you can find stamps in Kroger stores. Kroger is a chain store that was started in the year 1883 by Bernard Kroger. As we speak, Kroger is the largest supermarket in the United States and the third-largest company. It has at least 2,800 stores around the country based in 34 states. Every Kroger store has a Kroger pharmacy. Besides selling stamps, you can buy groceries, medicine, and other things at Kroger stores.

For those in need of stamps, they can easily find them at Kroger stores. It specializes in selling books of stamps which are 20 each. The price is similar to that of the United States Postal Services. Also, the chain store operates 7 days a week and has more extended hours than the post office. This makes it convenient as you can get stamps at your own convenient time and day. All you need to do is to work in a Kroger store near you and ask the cashier or customer care service for stamps of your choice. Begin by weighing your package, letter, or postcard before acquiring a stamp.


After going through all this detailed information about where to buy stamps, you can now easily walk to any store of your choice or even online to buy stamps. We’ve seen that most of the stores sell stamps at the same price being sold by USPS or stamps.com. There are several factors that determine where a person can buy stamps, such as how many they want. If it’s a single stamp, there are few chain stores that sell them, while the book of stamps is sold by almost every store around the U.S. Also, there are stores that sell stamps that can be found all over the world, such as Walmart, Circle K, and 711.

Another factor to consider is when and at what time you want the stamps. Some places that sell stamps operate for up to weeks, while others don’t. In addition, there are those that operate late at night and make it convenient for people to buy stamps at their preferred time. Before you head to any store to buy a single stamp or a book of stamps, you should discover if the store sells stamps or has them. I hope we’ve made your job of finding stamps near you to be easy.

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  1. Just wanted to say that stamps on Amazon are ridiculously priced! Check it out for yourself. Some are double the price it should be.

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